Company profile   

Xingneng Electric Power Construction Co。,Ltd(be called for short: Xingneng Electric power) established in 2004,registered capital of one hundred and seventy-four million four hundred thousand, there are nearly a thousand employees, specialized in the power plant, all kinds of power station of voltage classes, electric line, power distribution facility and the established of new energy power station ; Urban Road, building illumination and environmental landscape lighting project; MEP equipment installation, business of selling electricity ,power operation maintenance and the civil facility of the electric matching。 With the opening of the electricity market in china in 2008, Xingneng Electric Power dominated a greater advantage in private electricity construction, occupying a very important position。 Nowadays, with the great efforts of 15 years, Xingneng Electric Power is dominated in the area of technical research and development, planning and design, energy conservation and environment protection, smart construction, energy storage and transportation, smart terminal, distribution and selling of electricity and all industry operation. And it has successfully updated to the domestic-advanced provider of integrated solution of smart energy instead of traditional construction and operation enterprise.


  Company overview   

Xingneng Electric Power Construction Co。,Ltd has acquired the first-grade qualification of power general contracting; the first-grade qualification of urban and road lighting engineering professional contracting; the first-grade qualification of electronic mechanical equipment engineering; the second-grade qualification of power transmission; the first-grade qualification of electric regulation contracting; the first-grade qualification of electric regulation repairing; the second-grade qualification of electric regulation testing; the first-grade qualification of safety technology prevention industry; In the meanwhile, it is also the first power enterprise that obtained provincial safety production in Hunan, the first electric power construction enterprises to obtain the AAA credit rating issued by Construction Committee, the enterprise with Hunan province  AAA credit rating, and the electric power enterprise with the most provincial standardized demonstration sites, and standardized demonstration  projects。

After 10 years development, there are more than 400 technicians including about 150 senior, secondary and junior engineer, more than 70 first-grade and second-grade constructor, and network electrician。 As the the long-term cooperation unit appointed by the network distribution area, rod moving company, weighthouse, XingCheng Rural power company subordinating to the State Grid Corporation of China。 Xingneng electric power company formed a professional power construction team, and a full-time high voltage operation and maintenance team, low-voltage operation team,meter loading team, low-voltage gauge repair team, area reconstruction team。 Our company has a professional operational team with about 200 people and has gained a good reputation because of excellent skills, professional management and advanced construction equipment。

   For a long period, Xingneng serviced in State Grid Corporation of China, Southern Power Grid, Provincial and Municipal Functional Department, National Development Zones, industrial parks, large power consumption units, we are adhering to the principle of “customer first”, abserving contract and keeping promise, adhere to strict standards and established a perfect quality inspection procedures and management service system. After years of safe operation, we won the trust of the customer and the favorable reception from the clients.

   From the year of 2016, , Xingneng electric power has innovated its business model in the field of new energy industry, and effectively combined the resources of new energy projects with high-tech agriculture, and to create a new multi-dimensional industrial ecosystem in the new energy field.

   In recent years, the company is actively promoting the strategy transition from regional to national enterprise, established the Guangdong branch office, Hainan branch office, Fujian branch office, Henan branch office, Jiangsu branch office, Wenzhou branch office, Gansu branch office, Anhui branch office, Yunnan branch office, Chongqing branch office; In 2016, Shenzhen agency, Qingyuan agency, Beijing agency, Hubei agency, Naning agency and Nanchang agency。 In 2017, we will realize the business plan of domestic full network and business coverage, and answer the call of One Belt One Road Policy, establish overseas business department and further develop overseas market。


  The enterprise culture   

    The core of the corporate culture is people-oriented management theory, and the company dedicate to advocating and cultivating the corporate spirit, fully arousing the enthusiasm of the employees. For this purpose, more than to organize professional training for the staff, the company will also organize regular team-building activities, such as badminton matches, field training, and collective travel. With the efforts of the above lessons and activities, the company is trying to achieve the goal of enhancing the centripetal force and cohesion of the employees, so that to improve the comprehensive quality of the enterprise.

    The enterprise's path begins with the responsibility。 While the company strives to be an excellent enterprise, it also pays more attention to adhering to the corporate responsibility and contributing to the society。 In early 2008, Hunan suffered from serious ice damage, great loss in electric power transmission wires, Xingneng Power organized more than 200 employees and a large number of construction machinery and instruments, rushed to the worst-hit Chenchou and Leiyang area, independent responsible for more than 50 km wires repairing, repaired the electrical wires in high quality and efficiency in two severely afflicted areas; During the Wenchuan earthquake of the same year, we organized employees to donate money to various social organizations and help them, and guided family members and staff representatives to visit the children's hospital in Sichuan province。 From 2011 to 2016, we actively carried out the "one-to-one" student education campaign in Xiangxi Hunan Province, and the leadership of the company took the lead to visit the Vietnam veterans and impoverished children in mountainous area。 In 2016, the chairman Mr Yong-qing liu, together with Hunan province cultural department, Hunan TV, Federation of Industry and Commerce of Hunan province and other National Association of Manufacturers, jointly initiated public service activities to protect ancient village culture in the spirit and action of "inherit ancient culture, protection is always the first action", striving himself to arouse social culture consciousness。


  Corporate vision   

Developing the country with combined efforts, power benefits all over the world is the mission of Xingneng Power. Becoming the successful provider of integrated solution of smart energy is the enterprise positioning of Xingneng power. We will continue to commit to the concept of focus, the professional spirit of craftsman, to provide customers with better power services. 

In the next three to five years plan, Xingneng power will give full play to its enterprise advantage and become the enterprises with the capital of ten billions. We will strengthen the alignment with the capital market and strive to complete the IPO market as soon as possible. Xingneng staff will work tirelessly to make due contribution to the national power construction.

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